Safe Sanctuaries

The First Congregational Church of Milford has a Safe Sanctuaries policy in regards to recruiting, hiring and screening staff and volunteers who work with children and youth and an intentional plan for responding to a report of or suspicion of abuse.  This is a summarized version of our policy; the complete policy is available from the church office and will be available at Rally Day.

  • All volunteers involved with children or youth of our church must have been members of the congregation, or have attended the First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, for at least one year before beginning a volunteer assignment.
  • First Aid and CPR training will be provided annually for all workers with the children or youth.
  • All workers with children or youth including our Nursery attendants, have had a criminal records check done by the N. H. Division of State Police.
  • Registration forms for all children enrolled in the Church School must be completed annually and will be kept in the office of the Church School Superintendents.
    • Copies will be made available for the teachers.
    • A copy of the Church School Registration form may be found here.(.pdf)
    • These forms need to be turned in to one of the Superintendents on Rally Day.
  • Two (unrelated) adults must be in the room at all times.
  • In the event where there are not two adults or there are two related adults in the classroom, a roving superintendent or monitor will be on site during the teaching time, and the door must be left open.

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