Original Members

The following are the first 19 members of the Church in 1788*:

1. Jonathan Jones came from Wilmington, Mass. in 1745 to Milford, NH.  He was married to Elizabeth.  He died in 1839.

2. Caleb Jones, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth Jones, born in Wilmington, Mass. April 8, 1726. He came to Milford in 1745 and settled on land in the Mile Slip, where he made a home.  In due time he married Deborah, daughter of Benjamin and Hannah (Wilson) Hopkins, born in Billerica, Mass., April 24, 1729.  Deborah died in Milford, May 2, 1819.  Caleb died April 16, 1805.

3. Stephen Burnham came from Gloucester, Mass. to Milford.  He was married to Mary (Andrews).

4. Mary Burnham, wife of Stephen.

5. Thomas Burns, born in Nottingham West, now Hudson, in 1740.  He was the son of John Burns, who settled in Milford in 1746.  He resided on the farm, later owned by Henry J. Wilson, on the Federal Hill Road.  He died there in March, 1811.  He was married in August, 1763, to Elizabeth Harkness, born in Lunenburg, Mass.  Elizabeth died in Hollis.

6. Benjamin Conant, born in Groton, Mass., June 27, 1752.  He was descended from Roger Conant who immigrated from England in the 1600’s.  He was a farmer, residing on the place later owned by Brooks R. Came, on the road leading to Nashua.  March 19, 1778, he married Lucy, daughter of Benjamin, Jr., and Anna (Powers) Hopkins.  Lucy was born in Milford in 1759 and died there May 12, 1822.  Benjamin died May 28, 1828.

7. Joseph Wallace, son of William and Mary (Burns) Wallace, born in Milford, September 9, 1753.  He was a farmer and resided near his father.  In December 1779, he married Lettice, daughter of George and Martha (Grover) Burns of Hudson.  Lettice was born March 13, 1756 and died in Milford, February 23, 1822.  Joseph died December 29, 1838.

8. Lettice Wallace, wife of Joseph.

9. John Wallace, son of William and Mary (Burns) Wallace, born in Milford March 20, 1756.  He was a farmer and resided on the homestead where he died July 23, 1835.  September 12, 1780, he married Mary, daughter of Andrew and Hannah (Goffe) Bradford.  Mary was born in Milford, June 12, 1760, and died in Milford, September 8, 1840.  John later married Olive, daughter of Nathan and Rebecca Hutchinson.  John’s 3rd wife was Eliza, daughter of Moses and Betsey (Bradford) Bums.

10. Mary Wallace, wife of John.

11. Hannah Bradford, wife of Captain Andrew Bradford, born in 1723, daughter of John Goffe of Bedford.

12. James Wallace, son of William and Mary (Burns) Wallace, born in Milford, October 17, 1766.  He was a merchant residing in Milford; where he died July 23, 1828.  His first marriage was September 29, 1786 to Betsey H., daughter of Major Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Fuller) Kim- ball.  Betsey was born in Amherst, October 23, 1766 and died in Milford, October 13, 1807.  His second marriage was to Sophia Tuttle of Littleton, Mass., February 22, 1817.  Sophia was born February 22, 1780 and died in Milford, November 6, 1854.

13. Betsey Wallace, wife of James.

14. William Melendy, one of the earliest settlers in 1782.

15. Jonathan Towne Jr., son of Jonathan and Mary (Dean) Towne, born in Topsfield, Mass., April 28, 1754.  He was a farmer and resided on the homestead which was on the road to Nashua, and died there, December 31, 1842.  October 1783, he married Mary, daughter of Samuel Blanchard.  Mary was born in Billerica, Mass., February 6, 1748, and died in Milford April 14, 1829.

16. Elisha Hutchinson was born in Massachusetts, December 6, 1751.  He relocated to Milford in 1779 with his wife Sarah.  They resided on a hill north of Soughegan Valley, which is now North River Road.

17. Sarah Hutchinson, wife of Elisha.  Her maiden name was Buxton.

18. Nathan Hutchinson was a descendent of Richard, who came to America from England in 1634.  Nathan was married to Rachael (Steams) of Billerica, Mass.  They both died in 1795.

19. Benjamin Hutchinson, son of Nathan and Rachael (Steams) Hutchinson.  Benjamin was born in 1774 and died in 1832.  Benjamin married Susanna Peabody.

* This information was taken from the History of Milford Family Registers.

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