Chancel Choir

Who are they?

The Chancel Choir is an all volunteer group which works with the pastor and the Minister of Music to provide music for the various services held at the church.

What do they do?

The primary job of the choir is to provide music during church services but this only tells part of the story:

  • The choir performs additional music for Communion.
  • Special services such as Christmas, Easter, and the Maunday Thursday service get extra attention.
  • And the choir has been known to show up for the Annual Variety Show as well.

When do they meet?

The Chancel Choir meets every Thursday from 7:30pm to 9:00pm for practice and fellowship.  In addition, the choir gets together about 1 hour before Sunday services to review the music for the service.  Generally the choir practices from early September through early June.

If you have any interest in joining the Chancel Choir please join us on Thursday nights.  We don’t hold auditions but we’ll always hold a chair for you.

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