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Rally Day marks the first day of Church School for kids from pre-school through Grade 12.  More information regarding Rally Day can be found here.

Nursery care for those up to age 3 is provided in the Nursery at the Parish House during the Worship Service.


The goal of Church School is to provide a basic foundation in the Christian Faith by providing age-appropriate Bible studies and instruction in the ways of Christian life.  Those in Pre-school through Grade 12 will be using the “Seasons of the Spirit” curriculum.  This curriculum seeks to link the worship, educational and outreach ministries of our church, based on the seasons of the church year and the readings of the Revised Common Lectionary.

Because we believe our faith not just on Sundays and not just when we are gathered as a Christian community, there is a “This Season…at Home” resource which is distributed to families of those in Church School.  It contains a brief biblical background for each Sunday as well as information about the season, special days, music and activities for use during the season.

Disciplinary Policy

For the first infraction the teacher will send the student to the Superintendent’s office to spend the rest of class time.  For the second infraction and beyond the student will be returned by one of the Superintendents to the church to sit with their parents for the rest of the service.  In the event that a parent is not in church, they will be called to come and pick up the student.

Attendance Policy

The Church School uses the ”Cross and Crown” attendance award system.  Any pupil visiting another church, bringing a note or a bulletin from the other church will be counted as present. In addition, each child is permitted three additional absences before losing eligibility for an attendance award on the next Children’s Day.  Extenuating circumstances will be considered by the Board of Christian Education.

Special Days in the Church School Year

  • September: Rally Day – the start of the church school year.
  • October: Worldwide Communion Sunday – All of the children stay in church for the service and communion.
  • November: Advent Workshop – There are projects for the young people and their parents to work on, carol singing, and a soup and bread supper. This is a joint project of the Board of Christian Education and the Diaconate.
  • December: St. Lucia Day – Though this festival recalls the martyred saint, Lucia of Syracuse, it celebrates it with a special Swedish twist.  Legend has it that long ago Sweden was struck by a severe famine.  At the height of the dark, cold winter, the starving was at its worst.  Then on the feast day of Lucia, a brightly lit ship filled with food was seen sailing across Lake Vannern.  On the deck stood a beautiful young woman dressed all in white, with a halo of light around her head – Santa Lucia.  The legend grew into the festival that today marks the beginning of the Christmas season in Sweden.  We celebrate the Festival of St. Lucia with a pageant that the young people take part in. Traditional pastries and coffee are served.  Further information will be published closer to the celebration.
  • December: Birthday Party for Jesus – During the Fellowship Hour we sing ”Happy Birthday to Jesus” and have a cake.
  • December: Living Creche –  On Christmas Eve the children take part in the Living Creche at the first service.  This is a reenactment of the Nativity with the children taking the parts of Joseph, Mary, the angels, the shepherds and the Three Wise Men and a narrator for the Bible story.
  • June: Youth Sunday – Those in Grades 7 through 12 lead the Worship Service.
  • June: Children’s Sunday – Those in the Pre-school through Grades 6 give presentations on what they have learned during the Church School year.  Attendance awards are presented and Bibles are presented to those going from Kindergarten to First Grade, from Grade Three to Grade Four, and from Grade Six to Grade Seven.

Youth Groups

There are two youth groups.  The Junior Youth Group is for those up through Grade 6, which is the CIA (Christians in Action) and it is led by Kris Jensen and Linda Mossey.  The Senior Youth Group is for those from Grade 7 through Grade 12.  Further information regarding these groups can be obtained by speaking with the leaders or with members of the Board of Christian Education.

Adult Christian Education

On Sunday morning from 9:00 to 9:45 AM in the Parish House Parlor there will be a book study which is led by Marilyn Fenton.  If there is a book that you would like the group to discuss please let Marilyn Fenton know.

On Sunday evening, beginning in September, from 6:30 to 8:00 PM in the Parish House Parlor there will be a Bible study.  This Bible study is led by Vicki Keskinen.

On the second Saturday of each month there is a Men’s Breakfast in the Parish House where a topic of interest to the group is discussed.

During the Lenten season there is a Soup and Bread Supper on Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 6:30 PM in the Parish House, sponsored by the Board of Diaconate, which is followed by a Bible Study from 6:30 to 7:30 PM.

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