Church Council

Who are they?

The Church Council consists of members as follows:

  • The Moderator – who is the Chairperson of the Council
  • The chairperson from the:
    • Diaconate
    • Board of Trustees
    • Board of Missions and Outreach
    • Board of Christian Education
  • 3 Members at Large elected at the Annual Meeting.  Each Member at Large serves a 3 year term, one being elected each year.

Also the Clerk, who is the secretary of the Council, and the Treasurer are ex-officio members, as is the minister.  The pastor serves in an advisory position.

What do they do?

The Church Council is the governing body of the church, coordinating policies, programs, and activities of the various Boards and Committees of the church.

  • The Council sets the church calendar.
  • The Council forms task forces and/or committees as necessary.
  • The Council advises the Pastor on the general direction of the church and assists him/her in initiating and carrying out programs.
  • The Council holds a joint review of the General budget with the Trustees.
  • The Council fills vacancies of all offices and boards until the next Annual Meeting, and they receive nominations from the Nominating Committee.
  • The Council determines the date of the Annual Meeting, if other than the 4th Wednesday of January.
  • The Council is responsible for personnel matters referred to them by the Staff Relations Committee or the Trustees and the Council has the authority to resolve questions of responsibilities not covered by the by-laws.
  • All acts and deliberations of the Church Council are subject to the will and revision of the church.

When do they meet?

The Church Council meets in the Parish House parlor on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM. They do not generally meet in January, July, and August. A quorum shall consist of 5 voting members of the Church Council.

Please contact any member of the Church Council if you have any policy concerns about the church.


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