Christian Education

Who are they?

The Board of Christian Education consists of 9 church members, three of which are elected annually.  Each Board of Christian Education member serves for one 3 year term.

What do they do?

The Board of Christian Education has many tasks:

  • They supervise and direct the Christian education of our church, the Sunday school, adult education, youth groups.
  • They appoint Sunday school teachers and youth group advisers as well as the Sunday School Superintendents, and nursery care attendants.
  • They maintain other religious educational activities, such as the Advent workshop,  the Children’s Day service, and they help coordinate the Living Creche.
  • They cooperate with the educational aspects of the Board of Christian Missions and Outreach.
  • They administer the Sunday school funds to buy Sunday School curriculum and other supplies, craft supplies for the Advent Workshop, and Bibles and recognition pins for Children’s Day.

When do they meet?

The Board of Christian Education meets in the annex of the Parish House on the second Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM.  They do not generally meet in January, July, and August.

The Board of Christian Education works very hard to fill the needs of Christian Education in our church.  When there is an opportunity to participate as a leader, teacher or student, please be generous with your time and talents.

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