Ways and Means

Who are they?

The Ways and Means Committee consists of 3 church members, one of which is elected annually.  It is Chaired by the Vice Moderator.

What do they do?

  • This committee coordinates and supervises all fund raising projects undertaken by our church as a whole.
  • This committee appoints chairpersons for these events.


When do they meet?

The Ways and Means Committee meets as necessary throughout the year, often for many months prior to a fundraising event.   What are our church’s fundraising events?

  • Antique Show and Sale in September
  • The Big E in September
  • Holly Berry Fair in December
  • Public Church Suppers throughout the year
  • And various other fundraising events, varying year to year

Be generous with your time and talents when our church undertakes a fundraising event.  Many hands make the workload lighter.

If you have a fundraising idea…the Ways and Means Committee wants to hear from you!

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