Board of Trustees

Who are they?

The Board of Trustees consists of 6 church members, two of which are elected annually. Each Trustee serves for one 3 year term.  The pastor serves in an advisory position.

What do they do?

The Board of Trustees has many tasks:

  • The Trustees see that the church property and buildings are well maintained. This includes: large tasks such as re-roofing and painting, small tasks like washing pews and windows; parking lot and yard maintenance, and keeping the buildings clean.
  • The Trustees manage the adopted budget for the year, any short term investments, and any monies dedicated for a specific purpose.
  • The Trustees establish and maintain long term revenue goals for the investment of the church’s trust funds.
  • The Trustees develop policies for the Scholarship and Memorial Gifts funds.
  • The Trustees establish the terms of employment and termination of church employees, with the appropriate boards.

The Trustees have no power to buy or sell any property without a specific vote of the Church. The Trustees have no authority to make any extensive alterations to the property and buildings without direct vote of from the Church.

When do they meet?

The Board of Trustees meet in the Parish House parlor on the third Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM. They do not generally meet in January, July, and August.

Please be generous with your time and talents when the Trustees ask for help in caring for the church property and buildings.

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